HPC partners with the IDA to provide coaching support for managers transitioning to more senior roles across the organisation. This support is key to the IDA’s mission of placing Ireland at the heart of Europe.

Focus of our Work
Increased self-awareness
Articulation of purpose
Stakeholder and team communication
Managing career transitions
Balanced strategic/operational focus

A structured and consistent coaching approach
Transitioning managers to more senior IDA roles
Enhanced leadership effectiveness and engagement

Ireland’s inward investment promotion agency, IDA Ireland, is a non-commercial, semi-state body promoting Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland through a wide range of services.

It partners with potential and existing investors to help them establish or expand their operations in Ireland.

The IDA is recognised as a world leader in attracting FDI to Ireland and has been a key influencer in the development of the Irish economy and its reputation abroad for more than 70 years.

Coaching had long been recognised as a key development tool within the IDA and had been provided through a network of providers for many years. This coaching had been primarily focused on the development of newly appointed managers.

In 2016, the IDA decided to bring greater consistency and structure to the selection of coaches and the way in which they engage with the organisation. Following a competitive selection process, HPC was appointed as one of the IDA’s partners of choice for coaching.

Our Approach

Executive coaching is an investment not only in the individual, but also in the department, function and organisation. It acknowledges individual talents and potential and places an emphasis on developing people as the foundation of gaining a competitive advantage.

A key focus of our approach to our work is ensuring that coaching assignments establish a clear link between the personal development requirements of the individual and the requirements needs of the IDA with clear business focused outcomes delivered through enhanced performance.

Based on our work with the IDA, a coaching engagement runs typically as follows:

  • Initial meeting with the HPC coach, coachee, their line manager and/or HR person to agree the coaching contract, objectives and duration.
  • Six coaching sessions with a mid-way review if deemed appropriate
  • At the end of the coaching contract, a review takes place, again between the coach, coachee, their line manager and/or HR person

Given the geographic spread of the IDA team, coaching is often conducted via Skype.

Frank Scott-Lennon
Organisation Development Manager
IDA Ireland

HPC has proven to be a valuable partner to IDA Ireland since 2017. IDA Ireland has utilised HPC to support coaching initiatives for newly appointed managers and specific coaching support in response to identified or emerging priorities at individual or department level. HPC works with IDA Managers and Team members on a wide variety of priorities, the coaches provided have significant experience and receive very positive feedback from the coachees


Based on our experience and the latest research on evaluation and learning transfer, we create powerful insights for our clients covering participants’ mindset, confidence and their intent to transfer new capabilities back to their individual role.

While each assignment is different in nature and focuses on the unique circumstances of each individual, we have observed the following impacts on our coachees all of which lead to enhanced leadership effectiveness and engagement:

  • Enhanced self-awareness with a clearer articulation of their professional and personal purpose
  • More impactful stakeholder and team communication
  • A more resilient and proactive mindset
  • Balanced strategic/operational focus


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Every member of our highly experienced facilitator team has a strong operational business background that creates a cultural fit.

Our team shares our ethos of delivering insightful, adaptable and progressive solutions in partnership with our clients. Paramount.

Our team shares our ethos of delivering insightful, adaptable and progressive solutions in partnership with our clients. Paramount.

We develop flexible, creative and engaging learning solutions that drive behavioural change. We have the capability to tailor and deliver any of our solutions virtually - individual coaching, team coaching, bespoke webinars or facilitated team programmes.

Our method of delivery to the virtual world may have adapted to suit current challenges, but our powerful approach to design, learning transfer and behavioural change are still at the heart of what we do.

Our Solutions

Enabling leaders to develop an authentic leadership style, which inspires and motivates.

Building individual manager self-confidence and an ability to manage a team.

High-impact programmes that accelerate graduate development and build long-term career paths.

Developing the next generation of leaders as they make the transition to a more senior role.

Shorter programmes designed to meet specific individual and team needs across organisations.

An experienced panel of accredited coaches who support the development of individual performance.

Enabling the true power of senior teams through to achieve collective performance and growth.

Our adaptive approach to tailoring and delivering any of our solutions in the virtual world.

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