We use a number of key tools to support learning. Depending on what your organisation needs, we can use tools which provide distinct perspectives on an individual’s abilities, personality or behaviour. We also have experience of using these tools in combination to derive complementary insights that drive real behavioural change for individuals and teams.

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery uses a simple and accessible four colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. These preferences are measured based on responses to a short online evaluator. Insights Discovery has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually validated and refined to ensure it’s accurate and insightful.

Insights Discovery provides a deep perspective on an individual’s behavioural preferences and allows them to explore blind spots that may not always be apparent to them. The personality profile which Insights generates is clear, practical and accessible allowing participants to return to it many times. Insights can be used to raise individual awareness, as part of a wider management development programme or as part of a team development programme. It can also be used to support senior level Executive Coaching.

HPC is the largest licensee for Insights Discovery in Ireland and we have 10 licensed Facilitator practitioners on the team.

360 Feedback

Through our unique partnership with Envisia Learning, we can offer a range of reliable 360 surveys to suit your need. Authored by Dr Ken Nowack, a member of the Consortium for Research into Emotional Intelligence, the surveys allow feedback on a range of competencies aligned to the following roles:

  • Executive
  • Senior Manager
  • Middle Manager
  • First Line Manager
  • Specialist Role (no direct reports but significant people dependencies)

The 360 surveys are administered through a bespoke online system which comes with full team tech support.

Reports can be customised to reflect your brand as well as your specific preferences for how the data are presented. The reports are debriefed and supported by our team of Coaches and Facilitators who are trained in the use of the tools.

Psychometric Assessments

Founded by Roger Holdsworth, Talent Q provides a range of Psychometric Assessments that support many of our Talent Development initiatives. Talent Q provides a range of integrated ability and personality assessments that allow you to identify and develop key talent in a targeted manner.

The ability assessments provide flexible norms to compare abilities and the personality assessments can be comfortably mapped to existing competency frameworks.

One of the advantages of the Talent Q suite is that they are dynamic. Dynamic (or Adaptive) tests adapt themselves to the answers that are given. At a basic level, if a participant provides a correct answer in response to one question, the system responds by following this with a more difficult question. Conversely, each time a participant provides an incorrect answer (or fails to answer within the time limit) their next question will be slightly easier in approach. In this way the test is able to hone in on the person’s ability level and focus itself appropriately. This means that participants don’t waste time answering questions which are either too easy, or too difficult. Dynamic testing allows us to pinpoint a person’s probable level more quickly than is the case with conventional tests, where all participants answer the same questions.

Learning Transfer

Promote is an online, cloud-based learning transfer platform that we utilise with a range of our clients. It is L&D’s answer to social media, integrating learning activities with on-the-job tasks and experiences that encourages each individual to develop within their workplace as well as providing support and structured, practical learning frameworks. Promote encourages self-reflection, peer-reviewing of tasks and interaction, collaboration and networking with other participants through learning.

The content that we share with participants on Promote is programme-centric and is carefully considered by each of our facilitators. Our facilitators have the ability to build content repositories and share additional learning material with course participants. Facilitators can also track and monitor individual and overall engagement and participation on each course. The output derived not only shows each individuals development as they progress through each stage, it also demonstrates in impact on the organisation itself in terms of career progression, retention and in-house projects. The platform provides a window for managers and key stakeholders that wouldn’t usually have a way of seeing the critical change that is happening internally.

Login: https://hpc.promotelogin.com/desktop/users/sign_in

Corporate Role Players

We are experienced working with corporate role players as a key tenet in effective adult learning methodology.

Corporate role players, or actors, bring complex scenarios and behaviours to life in a way that reinforces the lessons contained in programme workshops. They allow participants to experience people’s reactions to conversations in a compelling way, in a ‘safe’ supportive environment. It’s a hugely effective way to bring learning to life, which increases the potential for skills transfer directly back into the workplace.

With their headquarters based on Stockholm, Mentimeter is an online surveying platform that we engage as part of our evaluation process with clients. Originally gathered as paper-based feedback, the introduction of Mentimeter has allowed us to digitally monitor essential hygiene factors, and to assess participants initial reactions once they have completed training with us. The data is processed by our Client Coordinators and is then send back to our clients with 24 hours. Mentimeter also allows to us conduct live surveys within the training room, creating an interactive learning environment for participants.

The templates that we utilise can be customised to compliment your brand, and the exported results are shared with the client and Coach or Facilitator involved

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